Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fairness in Assessment & Learning Targets

Fairness in assessment is crucial. teachers should be able to create a lesson plan and assessment that does not diminish their success in any way because of the student's gender, race or background as well as their abilities. ethnicity, gender and race should not affect the students results. teachers should also take into consideration that each student has different abilities which they are successful at. for example one student could be great at numerical problems but have trouble at reading comprehension. while making an assessment, teachers should incorporate the individualism of talents of each student.

learning targets allows the teacher to set goals for each lesson. for example a goal for a lesson in addition might be that students will be able to do double digit addition problems. learning targets are a great way to help avoid distractions along the way. students, teachers and administrators will be able to "see" what knowledge they want the students to obtain after each lesson.

what is assessment?

assessment as defined by the book is the process for obtaining information that is used for making decisions about students, curricula and programs, and educational policy. to better understand assessment, i have come up woth one word; evaluation. Assessments evaluate how much a student has learned and how successful or unsuccessful the teacher was in teaching the lesson. by taking the assessment the student will be able to fully comprehend how well the student understood the subject. assessment can come in various forms; worksheets, orally, essays, and even projects. teachers benefit from the assessments as well. by evaluating the scores of the students, teachers will be able to see how much of their lesson was a success and/or failure. the teacher will be able to better equip the lesson when he/she understands in what part of the lesson the student found hard to grasp.

about me!!

my name is johanna and i am 19 yrs old. my major is elem education && thinking about pursuing history as well. im really new at this blogging so i am kind of having trouble to come back and updating this. future goals: teaching second grade or possibly middle school social studies.

i decided to pursue a career in teaching because i enjoy spending time and teaching children. i taught sunday school at my church which actually confirmed my decision to go into teaching. i feel that one can learn a lot by surrounding yourself with individuals who are always honest and not corrupted by society. ( i feel children are that way) well thats it. =]

Friday, January 16, 2009


hello. =]

I have decided to start my blog today. I am a sophmore at SPC and am majoring in Education. I hope to graduate and hope to teach second grade.